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10-12-2017 03:03
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11-12-2017 10:03
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11-12-2017 15:22
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14-12-2017 01:18
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14-12-2017 19:47
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15-12-2017 04:51
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15-12-2017 16:43
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Hey guys! Im orginally from Texas and have been enjoying dance ever since I can remember. Iv never had any professional training besides salsa and bachata classes. I love any kind of dance that makes me feel sensual and sexy. I dont have a myspace or facebook set up. When Im not dancing and working my regular 9-5 job I fill my time with working out, reading, and looking for new things to learn. I love stand-up comedy and movies that make me laugh. I cant stand scary movies because they will make me lose sleep lol...

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